As an added feature of the Chasing Caterpillars Triathlon 2018, there will be a Team Challenge. This event is to encourage the development of local triathletes and to have some serious “bragging rights” competition between teams that choose to participate. It is guaranteed to be both fun and exciting.


1. All teams/groups are invited to attend. A team can consist of a minimum of 6 triathletes – submitted to the event staff, all of which must wear the same kit (triathlon outfit) the day of the competition. It is just that simple.
2. The teams will be the first persons to start the competition. Team member triathletes will start so that it will be alternating team members – team1 competitor1, team2 competitor1, team3 competitor1, team4 competitor1; team1 competitor2, team2 competitor2 , team3 competitor2, team4 competitor2; etc. This will continue until all team members have started at which time the general entrants will begin entering the water. (NOTE: this should lead to much enthusiasm and cheering!)
  1. Teams will get a discounted rate for the members of the team so it is very important to get the names to the race staff as soon as possible as the discount will be by percentage! The later the entry, the more it will cost!


There will be team awards for first 3 place teams. Points will be as follow: (The points awarded are based on the placement among ALL competitors)

1st place overall Male and Female: 3 Points

1st Place Masters Male and Female 3 Points

Ist Place Age Group Division 3 Points
2nd Place Age Group Division 2 Points
3rd Place Age Group Division 1 Point

All points will be accumulated for all team members so the more team members the better the chance of the team winning the team award.

Teams need to determine if they will meet the requirement of 6 persons and then notify the Race Director Jerry Kyckelhahn ( that they want to participate in the team Challenge!

Simple – but do it now. Remember, the qualification for a team is that you will have 6 competitors that will be dressed in the kit of your team on race day! There is no added cost for participating in the team challenge! Only the benefit of a trophy and bragging rights!