Sailfish Splash Park
Map and Directions
Topic 5


Visitors are very welcome at the Chasing Caterpillars Triathlon! Ample convenient parking is available at the Martin County Administrative Offices just across Ruhnke Street. Then proceed to the Sailfish Splash Park where bleachers allow on-lookers to cheer for the athletes as they enter the water, swim the course and exit to head to the transition area. Both the Bike Course and the Run course allow plenty of room for friend, relatives and just interested persons to wath the event. The Bike course is a four loop course meaning that you will get to see the triathletes as they finish the first loop and head back on the second loop.

The Finish is a grand event inside the parking lot of the Sailfish Splash Park and through the arches. The Awards ceremony will take advantage of the Park facilities and will insure that all visitors get to see their favorites receive the recognition that they deserve!

This is an invitation to all to come and enjoy the sport of triathlon in a local setting!

February 16,2020 at the Sailfish Splash Park in Stuart, Florida